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As was discussed in Russian Drivers, there are only a few general rules concerning traffic in the entire region of Russia. It is impossible to describe all the details, but the following illustrates a few general road signs and their respective meanings. You'll see that these signs are quite similar to the signs in you home country and the rest of the world. Basically the laws are also the same, you have to have your license with you when driving; you shouldn't drive under the influence of alcohol… nothing really special or different from what you are used to. You should be careful about parking - Russia does not have many paid parking structures, however there some places where you cannot leave you car. Those places are not always so obvious, so take some time to check if you really are allowed to park. If you do end up in one of these illegal parking spots, your car could get towed. In Russia there is also a seat belt law, however not many people take it seriously. Also you can't drive a broken car (also not taken that seriously). You should not let someone who doesn't have a proper driver's license drive your car, because you are the one that can get ticketed. Do not exceed speed limits; do not go through red lights and give pedestrians the right of way always. Moreover, never drive in the middle of two separate lanes or on the median strip - this is very risky! That's about it. Basically we recommend using common sense and follow the same general rules that you are use to in your home country. If you don't feel confident about driving then take a taxi or a bus, it may be less stressful.

Russian Road Signs This sign means "highway"
Russian Road Signs This sign means a sharp turn is coming up
Russian Road Signs "Icy road"
Russian Road Signs "Children are playing nearby"
Russian Road Signs "Main road"
Russian Road Signs This sign means that traffic in this direction is forbidden
Russian Road Signs This sign means that all types of traffic are forbidden
Russian Road Signs This sign means that turning right is forbidden
Russian Road Signs This is a speed limit sign, driving above 50 km per hour is forbidden
Russian Road Signs "No stopping allowed"
Russian Road Signs This sign means that you can move straight and to the right only
Russian Road Signs "Pedestrian crossing"
Russian Road Signs This sign means that the nearest gas station is 800 meters away
Russian Road Signs "Car-wash nearby"
Russian Road Signs "Hotel nearby"
Russian Road Signs "Camping site nearby"
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