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Nowadays it is quite easy to rent a car with a driver or just rent a car to drive yourself. In big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg there a lot of companies that offer such services. The prices are pretty much the same everywhere and the rules of renting a car are pretty typical. The basic rules are outlined below.

When entering a rental agreement you should have the following documents:

A national passport
A driving license valid for no less than 1 year
A credit card (Visa, American Express, Master/Euro Card, JCB, Diners).

Also you'll need to get insurance. Sometimes liability insurance is included with the cost of the car, but we advise you to buy two more types of insurance, which we consider very convenient - one against damage (Collision Damage Waver - CDW) and the other theft protection (TP).

CDW is an optional form of coverage that reduces the customer's financial liability in case of damage. It means that if you get into an accident and somehow damage the vehicle, you as the customer are liable only for certain deductibles.

TP is the other optional form of coverage that reduces the customer's financial liability in case the rented vehicle is stolen. In case of theft, this insurance is valid only if the customer has the original car keys and documents with him.

If CDW or TP are not purchased, the customer is liable for the total cost of damage repair or for the market value of the stolen car. Some of the major companies offer discounts and benefits to foreign customers. Also if you plan to rent a car, we recommend that you reserve it beforehand.

Renting a car is very easy, just indicate the dates you need a vehicle, the approximate duration you will have the vehicle, the desired car type and your contact details. Please pay attention that when making a reservation the company guarantees only a car type or group of cars, but never a specific make or model. However if you make your reservation in advance, there is a high probability that your desired car will be available when you need it.

In order to make car reservations in Moscow please contact Avis rental stations by telephone +7 (095) 684-1937 /58 (09:00-18:00) or 578-7179 (06:00-23:00), or you can send your reservation request by e-mail:

Avis Moscow Head Office (HQ)
Address: off.#71, Meschanskaya St. 7/21, 129090 Moscow, Russia
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri - 09:00-18:00, Sat-Sun - closed
Tel./Fax: (+7095) 684-1937, 684-1958, 684-1976, 744-0-733 (multi-channel)

Leasing dept.
Phone: +7(095) 684-1979, 744-0-733 (multi-channel)

Moscow Downtown Rental Station (MOW)
Address: off.#17, Meschanskaya St. 7/21, 129090 Moscow, Russia
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri - 09:00-18:00, Sat-Sun - closed
Tel./Fax: (+7095) 684-1937, 684-1958, 684-1976, 744-0-733 (multi-channel)

Moscow International Airport Rental Station (SVO)
Address: Arrival Hall, Sheremetjevo Airport, 103050 Moscow Region, Russia
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun - 06:00-24:00
Tel./Fax: (+7095) 578-7179

International Reservation Office
Tel.: (+7095) 684-1971/58, 744-0-733 (multi-channel)
Opened: Mon-Fri - 09:00-18:00

In St. Petersburg you can contact the "Hertz" company for car rentals
Malaya Morskaya ul. 23
Tel.: (+7812) 324-324-2 daily from 10.00-19.00 or
Pulkovo 1 & 2 Airports
Tel.: (+7812) 324-324-2 daily from 09.00-18.00

Also if you are looking for an expensive, high class vehicle for a luxurious method of transportation, you can contact the company " " ("Limousine World"). They have offices in both Moscow and St. Petersburg so they are easy to find. This company has a great reputation, offers very elite services and has a large variety of beautiful cars. You can have an unforgettable romantic date or an official business meeting in these large limousines. Also you can rent a car if you would like to go from St. Petersburg to Moscow or even from St. Petersburg to Finland. If you want, the car can even be decorated with flowers, balloons and the bar loaded with ice, soda and alcohol along with chocolates and fruits. You may even hire a driver who speaks foreign languages as a guide. (Also you could order bodyguards if you think you need them.) Music can also be picked to suit your particular taste - just let the administrator know what you like when renting the car. The prices are from $20 up to $200 per hour depending on the type of car and the time your reserve the car. There are standard cars that can fit 6 people and others that can fit up to 25 people.

You can contact "Limousine World" at their main office
St. Petersburg, Polustrovsky prospect, 39
(+7812) 972-5000 (around the clock)
(+7812) 321-6555 (09.00-21.00, without days off)
(+7812) 540-6474 - fax

Reservation center
St. Petersburg. Dobrolubova prospect, 20 (Sales Center "Artyom")
Metro station: Sportivnaya
(+7812) 927-5000 (11.00-21.00, without days off)

In addition to the above mentioned car rental companies, you can also contact our partner company City Realty ( in Saint-Petersburg on (+7812) 312-7842, 710-6457 or visit them at Bolshaya Morskaya 35, and ask their assistance in renting cars and chauffeurs. City Realty has several nice cars and very service- minded drivers, many of whom speak good English. So if you need a transfer, or plan to go on an excursion to the suburbs of St. Petersburg, for example Pushkin, call City Realty.

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