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Moscow has 5 passenger airports: Sheremetyevo II, Sheremetyevo I, Bykovo, Vnukovo and Domodedevo.

Sheremetyevo 2

Most foreign passengers arrive at Sheremetyevo 2. The airport was built to support the inflow of passengers for the 1980 Olympics. It isn't a very nice place: it is dark, dingy and small without any decent bars or good shops. It is also quite far from the city center and takes forever to get there due to that bad Moscow traffic.

It can be an ordeal getting from the airport to the center. Its best to either pre-arrange an airport pick up or to take a mini bus taxi call a Marshrutka (microbus). These are quite cheap and will take you to the nearest metro station Rechnoy vokzal. Don't take a regular taxi from the airport, the drivers are real bastards and charge $60 and more for fares.

Tel.: (+7095) 578-9101, 956-4666

► Click here for a map of Sheremetyevo 2

Sheremetyevo 1

This airport handles most service between Moscow and St. Petersburg and also has flights to many other Russian cities. It is Aeroflot's main domestic hub as well. It is just around the corner from Sheremetyevo 2 (takes about 5 minutes by car to drive between them) so the words of wisdom regarding transport to the center are the same as listed above. The good thing about Sheremetyevo 1 is that it is located on a busier street than Sheremetyevo 2 which enables people who speak decent Russian to hail gypsy cab drivers going by. This can be a comfortable and relatively cheap alternative to other means of transport, but of course, the Marshrutki are cheaper.

Tel.: (+7095) 578-9101, 232-6565


Bykovo is Moscow's smallest airport and you probably will never need to go there. A good point about this airport is that it has a train line running to the center of the city to Kazansky Vokzal. The train leaves about 400 meters from the main terminal. Taxis to the center are expensive due to that damn taxi mafia once again.

Tel.: (+7095) 558-4040


Domodedovo is the farthest airport from the city center. What is good about it is that it is nice, new and shiny and the services inside are quite good. Marshrutki run between the airport and the Domodedovskaya metro station and are really cheap. Taxis to the center are as always expensive. There is also an express train that runs to Paveletsky Station every 2 hours. The one way ticket costs less than 1 dollar. And the ride only takes 45 minutes.

Tel.: (+7095) 933-6666


Vnukovo Airport is connected to the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro by low priced (less than $1) Marshrutka ride. A taxi from Vnukovo to the city center is quite expensive. See above.

Tel.: (+7095) 436-2813

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