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The most comprehensive guide to Russian rock and underground on the Web.

► Popular Rock Music in Russia Today

As you can see music in Russia is very diverse. People here like to sing, play musical instruments and perform. Even in random places like a metro station or on the street, it is not uncommon to see a guy, or girl, with a guitar singing away classic Russian music or maybe even their own musical inventions. In the past ten years so many new and young musical groups have formed, it's hard to keep track of them all or even mention them in such a short article. Russia is producing all different types of music: light rock, pop, punk, chanson, and jazz. The best way to discover all this is to simply visit an underground music store. "Kailas" located at 10 Pushkinskaya Street, St. Petersburg (, is a perfect example of such a store! The workers are well informed about all different types of music and they can be stylish consultants, by offering you interesting suggestions as you tour through all different types of Russian music. In most of these musical stores, you can even listen to records before you have to decide if you wan to buy them. Another good way of getting more information about Russian music is by attending an open-air or big music festival in Russia. These are easy to find in the summertime, especially in big cities like Moscow and St. Peteresburg. Also you can check out some local bands in local music clubs, but the bands here tend to be younger and less well known. But this does not mean that they are any less interesting! And, of course, there is always the radio. There are lots of radio stations in operation today; the most interesting is called "Nashe Radio". The music here is mainly mainstream stuff and not very alternative, but it's a good place to start when exploring Russian music.

As previously mentioned, there are so many influential bands in Russian rock history and it is simply impossible to mention them all in a short article. So we only underlined the most influential and interesting ones. A few other names you might want to check out that were not highlighted in this article include: SPLIN, KALINOV MOST, CHAIF, MUMMIY TROLL, ZEMFIRA, TEQUILAJAZZZ, B2, IVA NOVA, KIRPICHI, LENINGRAD, KOROL AND SHUT, OLE LUKKOYE, ANIMAL JAZZ - the list is endless and each band has their own unique sound and style. So whenever you see these names being advertised or on a poster - go to their concert without thinking twice! You will have fun and be able to experience popular Russia music at its finest.

The times of the old Russian Rock style have passed. The sharp-witted poetry and melodic tunes are no more. There is no more censorship and concerts happen just about every weekend and everyone is welcome to visit them. Some of the old rock heroes have become legends and others have adapted to the ever-changing musical atmosphere and continue producing their own music. Rock itself is not the same aggressive and oppositional force it once was and it no longer stands against anything anymore nor does it need to struggle, for rock has found a home amongst a huge fan-base that extends throughout the world. Popular music in Russia is very much western-orientated lately and unfortunately not nearly as original as it once was, but there are still extremely talented people here, who are producing great music. So feel free to get jump in, head-first, and explore all that Russian rock has to offer.

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