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A guide for guys

Dating in Russia is pretty much the same as everywhere else - it is fun and a good way to meet people! Russian girls expect very good treatment from their male suitors while on dates and during their entire courtship. This puts a lot of pressure on the man and requires their 100% effort and enthusiasm. This includes calling, asking the girl out, fixing all the details, paying for everything during the date, walking her home or at least organizing a taxi. Flowers and small gifts are encouraged if not required and definitely remembered and considered a very nice gesture. Of course these things are not necessities and not all girls like flowers after all. Some ladies would prefer hiking and generally less of a fuss over them. However, for the most part on the first couple of outings it is a good idea to give your undivided attention – this will impress her and after you become better friends, the official courting can be toned down and less expressive. But still Russian girls always expect nice treatment and the gentlemen's way of doing things: opening the door for them, holding her coat for her, letting her walk in first, etc. Some women will insist on paying for their own meal or for the entire date, if so she will express this desire vocally but to be honest, this happens rarely.

Some good places for first dates are nice cafes and restaurants. People here like culture, so invite your girlfriend to the theater, a museum or even a movie. If it is nice outside you always can take a walk, but remember that women here wear high heels so make sure you are not walking large distances, otherwise the process is uncomfortable for her. There are so many activities you can try out together, so just use your imagination and she will be touched. If you are kind and not selfish your chances are very good. But also remember all people are different and some girls are just not very open to long term relationships. They could simply be using you to have fun, so be careful and try to understand how she feels about you before putting all your effort into something that is not going to grow. Just don't let someone make you a sponsor instead of a partner.

Good luck.
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