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► Zhanna Aguzarova and BRAVO

This girl made a huge impression on Russian Rock music and set a very high standard for female rock singers in Russia. Many singers have tried to imitate her, but her voice is irreplaceable! She is so versatile and can sing jazz, pop, rock and all other kinds of music with ease. She was brave and expressive and extremely energetic and devoted to music.

Aguzarova started her career in a band named BRAVO, which was organized by a talented composer and guitar player named Evgeny Khavtan. Legend has it that a girl from a far away Siberian village telephoned Khavtan in Moscow and asked for an audition. She arrived, sang two blues songs without text, and her vocals blew him away. Since that moment, she was a member of the band.

Her songs "Bely den'", "Zhelye botinki", and "Koshki" became hits right away. The band started to sell out big concert halls, and people began appreciating their optimistic and creative work. However, the band gained a lot of attention from the KGB and was arrested at one of their concerts. Aguzarova went to prison for breaking the passport (propiska) law. But she couldn't be held down for long; after a brief amount of time, she was set free and went right back to performing with BRAVO. At this point people stopped being so scared all the time: the fans expressed their appreciation more and the band continued playing the music that they liked.

So the band toured all over Russia and abroad, but unfortunately the stress of touring did not yield positive results. There were many conflicts between Zhanna and Khavtan, which were both personal and artistic, so the girl decided to quit BRAVO. This happened in 1988 and that very same year, Zhanna graduated from a musical college with a major in folk singing. She tried to form her own band and continue a musical career, but her fate forever changed when in 1992 she decided to leave Russia and immigrate to the USA. Although she tried to pursue a musical career in the States, her band never really received much attention from American or Russian fans.

After a few years, Zhanna returned from America and started to produce music once again, but not nearly as much as before or nearly as successful. Aguzarova is still a music legend and occasionally makes guest appearances on television.

Zhanna Aguzarova and BRAVO

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